We're now located in the Medical Parkway Exchange Building, at 3810 Medical Parkway, Suite 235, in Austin, Texas

We're excited to bring you this great news! Our new store has a retail area, an office for Gary, and a larger storage area. We've got plenty of natural light, because we're on the second floor. If you need an elevator, we've got one. Plenty of parking, too. With this kind of access, there's no reason not to drop on by.

Come see our Berkey water filter in action and taste the amazing difference their stainless steel, multi-filtered system can make for you and your family.

We offer the same colloidal silver, gold and mineral supplements and life enhancing products as before. Now, we are sprouting new ways to educate and expand our presence in the community.

If you are already a customer or you'd like to learn more, you are invited to stop in. You can also find us at http://www.naturespureorganics.com/contact.

Be sure to sign up on our contact list to receive discount coupons and invitations that will be coming soon.



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