"Deep Secret from Pristine Antarctic Waters Provides a Source of Essential Omega-3s from Krill Oil and Powerful Antioxidants"

The pristine Antarctic seas hold a deep secret – one that uniquely combines essential omega-3s and powerful antioxidants for your optimal health and well-being.* With its rich vat of health benefits, krill oil has now bested previously recommended fish oils and other supplements.*

Not only are krill a highly renewable and sustainable source, they are harvested in the cold unpolluted seas surrounding Antarctica. Krill are thus lower in mercury, heavy metals, and other toxins than fish oil.

I'm excited to tell you how krill oil offers you a storehouse of benefits – supports heart health, your immune system, and memory function.* And these are just the tip of the iceberg. I’ll have more on the incredible number of potential benefits coming up. But first, discover these other reasons…


So What Makes Krill Oil So Unique Compared to Fish Oil?

The primary difference between fish oil and krill oil lies in a little-known antioxidant powerhouse called “astaxanthin”. Astaxanthin is one of the strongest antioxidants in the carotenoid family, creating the beautiful shades of red found within shrimp, salmon and krill.

University studies show astaxanthin to be up to 500x more effective than vitamin E, 1x more effective than beta-carotene and 4x more effective than lutein in various measures of antioxidant effectiveness. It is one of the most astounding antioxidants known to scientists, yet rarely talked about in the mainstream media.

The Proprietary 2-Step Process that Makes Our Krill Oil More Powerful!

Step #1: Harvested and Processed Immediately Upon Catch
We utilize a unique proprietary extraction process whereby as soon as our krill are harvested, they are immediately processed on board our ship. This eliminates the possibility of breakdown and keeps your krill fresh and high in potency.

Step #2: Airtight Encapsulation Process
Our Krill Oil is secured in an airtight capsule, using our proprietary Capliques® technology. These Capliques® work in two unique ways…

1. Proprietary Sealing – Capliques® uses an innovative band-sealing technology that minimizes leakage and prevents odor. It also utilizes a proven application that is more natural and doesn’t require additional fillers or binders.

2. Advanced Delivery System – Capliques® provides a quadruple benefit by utilizing a two-phase delivery system that simultaneously requires no other excipients, limits oxidation, improves bioavailability and increases absorption rates.

By using this sealing and delivery system and combining it with the most potent blend of krill oil we’ve come across, you get better results.